Chronicle Vol. 2: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Criss, cross, applesauce, hands in your lap.

Criss, cross, applesauce, hands in your lap.

This was sure a breath of fresh air after that Trey Anastasio nonsense. CCR is truly timeless. I can listen to and enjoy them nearly every time I hear them. I can’t believe I have never seen them live. They’re playing the State Fair circuit these days so one could see them play for next to nothing. Until then, I’ll keep rocking along to their studio stuff.

Fun made up fact about CCR: Each member is required to have a mustache, just not on their face.

Chicago 5-10-05, Trey Anastasio

That's just like, . . . your opinion man.

That’s just like, . . . your opinion man.

This live album is terrible. At first, I gave it some slack, thinking maybe it’s just a bad recording.
After another listen I am convinced it is just a really bad show. Luckily, the crowd is sufficiently intoxicated and enjoying it.

Fun made up fact about Trey Anastasio: Trey is rarely able to recall how he got to wherever he is.

Chase This Light: Jimmy Eat World

Love this album cover.

Love this album cover.

I have listened to this album about 100 times over the years. Not so much anymore.  I put it into the same category as The Get Up Kids: good pop but the lyrics just don’t resonate with me anymore.  I hit up Superchunk for most of my pop needs these days.  Fun made-up fact about Jimmy Eat World: Started out as a Fleetwood Mac cover band. Started Jimmy Eat World after Stevie Nicks publicly asked them to stop.

Chaos View: Tim Reynolds

Chaos View could even be the name of an action film.

Chaos View could even be the name of an action film.

I don’t really dig this..  Every song sounds like a time-lapse sequence from an action film.  Weird, I know but that really hits the nail on the head.  Fun made-up fact about Tim Reynolds: Eats his Mac ‘n Cheese without the cheese.

Change: The Dismemberment Plan

Love the album cover.

Love the album cover.

I enjoy this album. It’s kind of droney. Like, if wasps had some human attributes and decided to form a band then it would be Dismemberment Plan. I don’t listen to this album a lot but I know I’ll always listen to it.

Champ: Tokyo Police Club

Practice Space as Album Art. . . OK

Practice Space as Album Art. . . OK

I am a big fan of this album. It’s straight forward pop rock with an indie twist. (I know you don’t know what that means. I don’t either. There’s no real definitive descriptors in the phrase ‘pop rock with an indie twist’.) If you’re into pop rock then definitely check it out. I will say it has limited replay value. I listened to it pretty regularly for about a year but don’t listen to it as much now. It was a fun album though.

Ceremonials: Florence and the Machine

Even the cover is overly dramatic.

Even the cover is overly dramatic.

I like this album a little. I get tired of the operatic/anthemic style of each song. They’re all produced like they are trying to be the ending song of some uber-dramatic Oscar nominated film.

Century Spring: Mason Jennings

 This album starts strong but is ultimately a bit too twangy and country-ish for my taste.

I enjoy about half of the songs on the album and the rest I don’t like.

I don’t listen to it much.

Catching Tales: Jamie Cullum

Maybe him and Marc Broussard had the same cover art guy.

I like this album. I listen to it every once in a while. It seems like Cullum’s albums always fall short of being ‘great’ and rest firmly in the ‘good’ range for me. Maybe it’s because most of his albums have cover songs (which are good) and not enough original pieces. Either way, good stuff. Especially if you like piano.

Carencro: Marc Broussard

Gazing off into the distance.

This album starts out with some pop and lured me in, only to smack me in the face with a healthy dose of pop-country throughout most of the songs.Overall I wouldn’t recommend this album.


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